1. Any parties for persons under 18 must have a supervising adult in charge on the premises at all time. 
  2. Disco music is only allowed after consultation with the Bookings Secretary, and the sound should be at a level determined by the Committee.
  3. Every effort shall be made to hand over the hall in a clean state, the Hirer must ensure that it is handed back in the same condition.  Refuse should be placed in the bin outside or taken home, or a further charge may be made for cleaning.
  4. There is a NO SMOKING policy throughout the premises.  Receptacles with sand are provided for extinguishing cigarettes before entering the building.
  5. All bookings shall normally end at midnight, so clearing up must be done before that time or arrangements could be made for the following morning, if available, for which an extra charge would be made.
  6. We have neighbours so every effort must be made to keep noise levels down and consideration also given to other people hiring at the same time.
  7. Alcohol is not to be brought onto the premises except by the hirer or their caterers who should be responsible for obtaining the correct licence.
  8. The use of sticky tape, glue, nails,drawing pins or Blutack is not permitted except on noticeboards.
  9. Hirers are required to leave the hall secure, windows and doors locked and to return the keys promptly to the Bookings Secretary.
  10. Only the specific rooms and equipment hired may be used, other hirers may be using the building (unless exclusive use is secured).
  11. The floor of the main hall and passage is wooden and care must be taken to protect this. 
  12. Each group leader must be aware of, and convey to their group, all the rules governing use of the premises and of the fire procedures.
  13. The group leader is responsible for getting out, and returning, any equipment used in the designated area.
  14. Any items requiring attention e.g. maintenance issues, should be written in the maintenance book.  Also any suggestions regarding the hall.
  15. No animals allowed on the premises, except guide dogs.